That's right! The Wells rapper who put Maine on the pop music map in 2010 with his national Top 40 smash, I'm Awesome has just released a wicked video game for your mobile device!


His name is Ryan Peters best known as Spose. His next album is titled, Good Luck With Your Life comes out on May 5th. To promote it, Spose came up with the great idea of creating a video game where all the battles take place in Maine. You start in his hometown of Wells, hurling Bean Boots at the bad guys and collecting pine cones to rack up points and get to the next level. And if you are already a big fan, getting to the next level means unlocking a new song from the upcoming album. Collect 'em all and you get the whole thing before it comes out next month. Now if you familiar with video games, you know that the ultimate goal is to battle 'The Boss'. Of course 'The Boss' you battle as Spose in this game is, Governor Paul Le Page. Beat him and you become 'The King of Maine'.