Brunswick's Teagan Wright is wicked smaht and wicked comical. Maine officially became the 23rd state in the USA on March 15,1820..

So who better to help us brush on our local history as we continue to celebrate 200 years being uniquely Maine.

By now you've probably seen his From Away TV show that put a spotlight on hardworking Mainers along with their 'finest-kind' products and services. Or maybe you've seen his hilarious Sternman character's salty, silly check-ins from the fishin' boat.

Today we learn about a "tough as nails" young woman and the tenacity she exhibited as a lighthouse keeper. The 165 year old tale is recounted by Teagan as his Sternman character and is brought to life with some sweet animation.

Teagan Wright Comedy via Facebook
Teagan Wright Comedy via Facebook

Teagan tells us the very early Maine story of teenaged heroine, Abbie Burgess. In 1856 at the age of 16, she labored for about 30 days keeping the Matinicus Lighthouse illuminated during a powerful coastal storm.

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