The Lewiston Blue Devils soccer team won their first ever Maine State Championship this year. A former Lewiston High student is producing a film that tells the story of how a winning team was created with players from six different countries. 

The film is called One Team: The Story of the Lewiston High School Blue Devils and will debut at next summer's L/A Film Festival. It's produced by 2001 Lewiston High School graduate Ian Clough.

It tells the story of how a community embraced its immigrant population and not only created a winning team, but inspired many young kids of diverse backgrounds to aspire to play for the Blue Devils someday.

One of the most poignant moments of the trailer is told by Coach Mike McGraw. When he noticed the Somali players and American players getting ready in two different areas. He brought them together and sat them down intermingling them in one area saying "This is how a team plays. This is how I want you to be on the field and off the field. Together."



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