Abandoned places in Maine are all the rage right now on the internets. From creepy old hospitals, to empty motels, to defunct ski areas, we can't get enough of these scary Maine locations that would be great settings for a Stephen King movie. These local places are lost in time and are the backdrop of nightmares. Now the 'Ghost Hunters of Maine' are here to investigate the haunting of another abandoned building.  The problem is, there are two teams who claim they are the 'Ghost Hunters' and each team thinks they are the only ones trying to capture some spirit footage in an abandoned 'Depot'. Each team sets out to find "the ghost of a little girl who likes to play ball in the hallway." One team is searching the north side of the building and the other team is searching the south side. Now remember, each team thinks that they are the only ones in the haunted 'Depot'. So let the hilarity ensue!

This wicked funny video was created by Portland comic, Ian Stuart and friends. Ian is in great company this year with legends, Bob Marley and Tim Sample being nominated for 'Best Maine Comedian 2017' in the Portland Phoenix poll.



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