Now we know we shouldn't be finding joy watching unsuspecting drivers get launched by wicked bad frost heaves. But, we just can't help ourselves. The reason we love this video of course, is because we've all been there.

I can recall more than one occasion when I'd be driving down the road and didn't see that the sign that warned me of the upcoming ski jump in the middle of the friggin' road. Next thing you know, you're airborne like Starsky and Hutch. Then, SLAM! Geez, I think I chipped a tooth or two.

YouTube user George Fadden set up a video camera at a particularly spectacular location for cars gettin' chucked hahd by frost heaves. According to the description on his YouTube Channel, this happened on East Conway Road which is in Conway New Hampshire.

I wanted to give you that important heads up in case you were headed over there anytime soon. Although, this was captured on video in 2020. So, who knows? Maybe, the road got some love this season?

This video is a delightful compilation of one car and or truck after another taking flight. It's always wicked funny when it happens to somebody else, right?

Wait till you see the big yellow 18 wheeler barreling through. Geezum crowbah!

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