Alright Electric Light Orchestra's here! Just released yesterday, the official video for When I Was a Boy makes a beautiful song even more beautiful. It opens with a paper airplane flying through a blue sky and a little boy (we assume portraying a young Jeff Lynne) gazing into the distance dreaming of his future. The paper airplane takes us on a trajectory through the years from Jeff's childhood, to early days with ELO, and his time with the Traveling Wilburys until he makes his appearance with his Les Paul in the final minute of the video. The little boy 'Jeff' then returns to catch the paper airplane encouraging us all to cherish the sweet memories of childhood and the incredibly powerful music (like ELO for this writer) that helped to shape who we are.

Jeff Lynne's ELO will release the highly anticipated Alone in the Universe on November 13. It's the first ELO album in over a decade and we can't wait!

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