With a big 60 degree spring tease last weekend followed by a return winter at the beginning of the work week, folks around Blimpville have got their faces all twisted up about what the heck happened.

You might remember a little while back when we featured an infomercial parody promoting the Yoga for Yankees exercise DVD. We've become big fans of this fella from 'Frost Heaves' ever since.

He's New Hampshire humorist Fred Marple and he's here with an explanation for the recent unwelcome April snowfall. We always feel better when we can find somebody to blame and Fred knows who that is.

If you've recently put away your shovels and drained the oil out of the snowblower, you probably won't like the answer to who's responsible for white stuff a few days ago.

He also explains the difference between movies for men and movies for women along with this week's Frost Heaves police beat.

Fred's stuff is always wicked funny and clean for the whole family!


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