If you have a job that requires getting together periodically to get updated on what's going on lately in your department, you've likely had to attend them virtually with these newfangled programs like ZOOM or Microsoft Teams.

Invariably, these web meetings come with distractions. For instance, fellow employees hopping on late or doing something that shouldn't be done on a video conference call like participating live from the bathroom.

So we'd say that most of us can relate to this farmer from New Hampshire as he attempts to have a serious meeting with his crew.

Watch as our buddy Fred does his best to get through it with his furry and feathered  colleagues.

We loves this fellah. He keeps that dry yankee humor that our parents and grandparents raised us on, alive and well today. He's 'Fred Marple' (aka Ken Sheldon) from the fictional "underappreciated town of Frost Heaves, New Hampshire.

We first featured his clean New England comedy a few years back with his fake infomercial that advertised a "Yoga for Yankees" exercise DVD.

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