The squirrels are here to take over the world! Well, they are starting small in Maine first.

I have saved the lives of so many squirrels this summer, have you? You are not losing your mind. Yes, there really is a boost in the amount of squirrels running repaint in Maine. According to the Portland Press Herald, due to an over abundance of food for the little critters like acorns, pine cones and other stuff. Due to so much food for them, their babies thrived and now they have left the nest running wild on the streets and even highways. I left Portland to head home to Biddeford on Sunday morning and I had to break for 3 squirrels! Just remember that it's not worth getting hurt in a car accident. So, only swerve if it's safe. If not, say goodbye to your little friend.

Not only are the furry freaks taking over our lands and roads; they are even hitting the water! I had NO idea that a squirrel could swim. I have never seen this before and with how spastic they are; must take them no time to get across a lake. Would be even better to see them in a tiny float! This video was taken a week ago on Hancock Pond by a guy in a paddle boat. This little guy is booking it!

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