Everybody is talking about bears, so the WBLM Morning Show has decided to bring you Twenty Bears in Twenty Days! Whether you support Vote Yes or Vote No on One, we can all agree that there have been many influential bears over the years. Today we celebrate Yogi Bear. This little scamp made picnicking fun and inspired a seriously disturbing, but hysterical, rugby drink-up song. Captain wouldn't let me post the drink-up,(because I played it for him), but here is one of our favorite bears at his best!

Listen to the BLM Morning Show to guess the Bear of the Day and you could win your own little honey bear. Good for treating, or tricking a bear.

I think you and your date should consider being Yogi and Cindy for the "Spirit of Portland" Halloween party! Who is your favorite cartoon bear? Facebook us or tweet #favebear

Cindy's a polar bear.