Maine, like many states, has seen an increase in alcohol sales since the coronavirus forced the closure of non-essential businesses.  According to WCSH 6, liquor stores have seen a 15-25% increase in sales since the end of March.  Nationally, sales in the last week of March were up 50% over the same time period in 2019.

Most likely this is partially because the people who would normally go out for drinks with friends are now drinking at home while they hang out with their friends (or coworkers) on Zoom.  In addition to that, the lack of any social activities (whether they normally involve alcohol, or not) has lead people to drink out of boredom.

Apparently, this has also lead to many people playing bartender.  We're not just guzzling beers and doing shots.  We're actually attempting to make legitimate cocktails.

Using data from Google, the people at Thrillist have compiled a list of the most-searched cocktail recipes for each state.

I was slightly surprised by the most-searched cocktail for Maine.  I assumed it would be Jack & Coke or Allen's & Milk.  But, then again, do you really need a recipe to make those?  Since the name basically tells you what goes into them, I would hope not.  So, what is the answer?

The Margarita!  That classic citrus - tequila cocktail is perfect for the summertime or if you just wish it were the summertime.

For Massachusetts and New Hampshire, our friends to the south and west, the answer is The Old Fashioned.  Vermont's most-searched for cocktail is The Cosmopolitan.

Because we know that you have some time on your hands and you are probably want to make these at home, we're including videos showing you how to make each one of these drinks.

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