It's A to Z time again on the Blimp! Our annual trip through the Blimp Archives. Now, since we save EVERYTHING, much of the archive is in the Blimp Basement in One City Center. We found this old video going through the archives today and it's a classic. Watch Tommy C, the Guru and the Captain (with a sweet Celeste cameo) and their dramatic chase through the depths of One City Center to find our good friend Bob Marley. And it's Bobby as you've never seen him before.  Ladies and gentlemen, we give you ARCHIVES OF DARKNESS...






A to Z starts at 7 am on June 1st and goes until the last "Z" song is done. In between, you'll hear radio like no other. Songs you know and love. Songs by your favorite artists that you never hear on the radio. Multiple versions of the same song....can you say "All Along the Watchtower"? Live tracks. Rare tracks. Yup, we've kept it all from the Litchfield trailer days, to our days on Washington Street in Auburn, to our decades at One City Center in Portland. Albums, 8-tracks, cassettes, and CD's. It's one of the largest collections of Classic Rock you'll find anywhere in the world and one time a year we play it all back for you.  Make sure you have the WBLM App so you can listen wherever you go for the next month or so!

This year we are going in alphabetical order as opposed to a couple of years ago when we did Z to A!



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