Music motivates, and the New England Patriots take advantage of that by playing it LOUDLY during parts of the their training camp practices. Why?, and who chooses the eclectic mix? We have answers!

At Patriots training camp the first music we heard from the loud speakers was AC/DC Thunderstruck, that signaled GoTime!

Live Rush blasted through the speakers too. We never heard an entire song, they come on for very loud bursts when the team is setting up a play, this is to condition them to communicate when the crowd is trying to drown out the calls.

Who creates the playlist for training camp? Coach Bill Belichick has the honor, and chooses a lot of live cuts that include the crowd noise. It seemed appropriate to have Aerosmith in the mix.

Coach may lean toward classic rock, but he has a little something for everyone. He busted out, "We Dem Boyz" by Wiz Khalifa! It was almost impossible not to dance with music at this volume pumping through our bodies. I don't know how the players do it!

Here's something coacj chose that more familiar to me, live Bruce.

I think this may be the song that played the longest, great song BTW.

What would you put on the Patriots' play list? Comment on our Fan Page.

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