Mainers love their vanity plates, some are a challenge to decipher and some are simple yet clever. I decided to take some pictures while at red lights of the vanity plates on the cars in front of me.

I wonder where their camp is? Oh, there's a Sebago sticker. I love Sebago Lake! Star watching is great there too. Maybe the person that owns this next car star gazes on a dock there. Or maybe they are an astrologist...

My husband Mark has been talking about getting a vanity plate that combines our kids nicknames for the past few years. He came home with THIS last week!

Now that's going to cause some head scratching...BONZUKI?!

Here's the story:

Captain gave our first daughter the nickname Bongo before she was born. Our second daughter earned the nickname Godzuki after Godzilla's little nephew in the old sci-fi TV shows. We call her Zuki for short. Though she has never burned anything down, she has ripped cabinets off their hinges and cause a lot of property damage. Mark wanted to combine the two names for a vanity plate. You are seeing his second go round here. His first idea was BONGUKI. I begged Mark to not put the word bong on his license plate. It looks too much like advertisement for a product that we do not have. He also has a neon feathered dream catcher hanging from his rear view mirror that Bongo gave him when she was in third grade. I guess it's more pastel than neon now... If you see us in the BONZUKI car on our way to IHOP some weekend, honk and wave.

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