We had a hilarious chat with our friend and NESN superstar Tom Caron this morning. It seems Tom has his own Topps baseball card! We found it on Etsy -on sale for $44.99. TC got the honor of having his own card last year. Kind of a crummy year to get your own card, but still pretty cool! Tom even hand-signed each one, although he autographs things much slower than his NESN co-host Dennis Eckersley as you will hear in the interview below.  We wanted to compare Tom's card value with a rookie Tom Brady card that we saw was going up for auction this week.

Tom Caron 2020 Autographed Topps Card- $44.99 on Etsy

Tom Brady Rookie Autographed Beckett Card-1.32 Million Dollars

Listen to Tom Caron talk about his Baseball Card with The Captain and Celeste


Wow- the Brady card for over a million dollars! This is the highest anyone has paid for a football card. It was one of only 100 made. Hey, whoever thought this sixth-round draft pick would ever amount to anything. The most expensive sports card ever is a Honus Wagner baseball card that went for over 3 million bucks. Did you ever collect sports cards? You may want to go find them in the attic because I bet you they are worth something. I know my collection was....until my Mom threw them out a few years ago. I'm thinking I am out close to $800,000 in cards. I forgive you Ma. Barely.

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