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What’s Worth More–A Tom Brady Trading Card or This Tom Caron Trading Card?
We had a hilarious chat with our friend and NESN superstar Tom Caron this morning. It seems Tom has his own Topps baseball card! We found it on Etsy -on sale for $44.99. TC got the honor of having his own card last year. Kind of a crummy year to get your own card, but still pretty cool! Tom even hand-signed each one, although he autographs things much slower than his NESN co-host Dennis Eckersley as you will hear in the interview below. We wanted to compare Tom's card value with a rookie Tom Brady card that we saw was going up for auction this week.
You Won’t Believe What Tom Caron Wants to Do When He Wins the Mega Millions Jackpot
It was a busy bust morning on the WBLM Morning Show. Celeste and I decided that we would go in on a ticket with listeners for the 750 million dollar jackpot being drawn tonite. If Celeste and I split that with four other people, we're looking at around 90 million dollars apiece. Thanks to our three listeners who are in with us. We can't wait to frickin zillionaires with them! We decided to save one spot for our great friend, NESN's Tom Caron. Tom picked the number 17 as it is his birthdate. We allowed Tom in our pool on the condition that he does not quit his job at NESN if he wins. Tom is a New England Treasure and should be protected at all costs.TC did tell us some funny stories on what other NESN employees would do if they hit the Mega Millions. Check out the interview with me and Celeste right here. Things really get silly when Tom and Celeste talk about the things THEY would do if...excuse me...WHEN....we win the Mega Millions!
NESN’s Tom Caron on His WIld Card Weekend Picks
It was great to have Tom Caron back from break and join us on the WBLM Morning Show this morning. As usual, we covered a ton of ground: What was Tom's favorite gift of Christmas? Hint: it has to do with drinking. What does Tom think of DeShaun Watson wanting out in Houston? Would he fit in New England? Who does Tom think will win this Wild Card Weekend? Contrast and compare with Celeste's picks, who often chooses teams by mascot or uniform. And she usually kicks everyone's ass.
From Cam Newton To Christmas Specials-We Covered It With Tom Caron Today
Always great to talk to our dear friend Tom Caron every Friday here on the Blimp. We love TC because....1) he's from Lewiston....2) he loves Classic Rock as much as he loves New England Sports....3) he goes down the rabbit hole with me and Celeste. Today, for example, we started talking about Cam Newton and the Patriots and ended up talking about why the Charlie Brown Christmas special is the BEST. Or, the WORST if your Mrs. Tom Caron or Celeste
Tom Caron & The Captain On The NFL Season, The Revs and The B’s Playing at Fenway
The Pride of Lewiston High School, NESN's Tom Caron, joins us every Friday on the Blimp. Today TC and I talked about how we feel the entire NFL season is hanging by a thread. With COVID skyrocketing and the NFL forging ahead, will we ever get to a Super Bowl? We hope so! Our Patriots play the Chargers in LA on Sunday afternoon and you'll hear that game on 102.9 WBLM. The Pats are in 10th place and need to get into the Top 7 to get to the playoffs. Cheer on the Pats and continue to root hard against the Ravens, raisers, and Dolphins! Tom and I also spoke about the OTHER team that plays at Gillette that IS in the playoffs and that's the Revolution! Plus Tom weighed in on the idea of the Bruins playing their games outside at Fenway Park. We're in!
Tom Caron Believes Alex Cora’s Apology
NESN's Tom Caron joins us every Friday morning on the WBLM Morning Show to talk New England Sports. Today was fun because we got to talk a little Red Sox baseball! This week the Sox re-hired Alex Cora to be their manager. This after they had to fire Cora earlier this year when he was embroiled in the MLB sign-stealing scandal. Now Cora is back and TC got to sit down and speak with him (over Zoom) this week. Tom sincerely thinks Cora "gets it" and takes responsibility for his mistake. Tom has been around, and despite coming on our show every week makes good choices and is a good judge of character. Here's what TC said to the Captain about Alex Cora:
Listen to The Captain and Celeste Try and Cheer Up NESN’s Tom Caron
Tom Caron was not a happy man this morning. Hey, we all have them these days. The weight of it all comes down on you. Tom had snow in his yard...leaves still needed to be, hockey, and basketball all Spring Traning date in site...and the Patriots are playing very unlike the Patriots. These are hard times if you are New England's Greatest Sportscaster. Lucky for Tom, he has me and Celeste. We were there for him this morning to get him out of his funk. Whether it was having him relive the 16th anniversary of the Sox 2004 World Series win, or having him harken back to his glory days as a trick or greater in Lewiston Rock City, we knew we could get a smile on TC's face.
Things Devolved Pretty Quickly This Morning With TC, Captain and Celeste
NESN's Tom Caron joined us this morning on the WBLM Morning Show. Things started out pretty smart and sophisticated by talking about the social ramifications of the COVID crises in Sports. In ended with Captain and Tom espousing the joys of being able to take "pit stops" on the side of the road. Celeste (and Mrs. Caron it seems) were not amused and recused themselves from the conversation. THEY kept it classy.
Listen to Tom Caron Do “Who’s On First” Routine For the Red Sox
NESN's Tom Caron checked in with the WBLM Morning Show this morning. There is a LOT going on for New England Sports Fans. The last-place Red Sox are in the Bronx this weekend to play the first-place Yankees The Celtics are in the bubble in Orlando. The Pats have started training camp proper. And the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Playoff best-of-seven-series against the Carolina Hurricane. We had much to get to and TC tackled it all:

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