Man, oh man. I really wanted to take the family upta Cumberland over the weekend to see the adorable baby goats. You know how it goes though. During the week you start thinking of fun stuff to do on a day off, then you get there and the honey-do-list rears its ugly head.

Then all of a sudden it's Sunday night and you realize you didn't make to Sunflower Farm. I tell ya what. No matter what chores need to done on Memorial Day weekend, we are gonna pack up the family truckstah and do this!

It's no secret that I have been right in love with all these precious critters for a very long time. I absolutely adore them. It really is crazy that my family hasn't visited them in person yet.

Thankfully, we get updated on the regular from their caregivers with exceptionally great videos. The latest offering is no exception. Behold the impossible cuteness of just born Maine baby goat TRIPLETS!

Here's more from our friends at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland:

"These three little peanuts arrived last night! Ginger is a first-time mom and is doing great taking care of them all. Their names are Gus (mostly black), Dorothy (mostly golden) and Galileo (mostly grey). With just three goats left to kid out of 26 mamas, I am already feeling nostalgic. I figured I would capture some of their simple precious sweetness so that I can watch them all winter. Hope you enjoy their brand new faces too."


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