It's all about the Bruins this week! They won Game 7 last night 5-1 against Toronto in the first round of the playoffs. And now, it's on to the semi-finals facing Columbus. You know who didn't go to the Gahden last night? Uncle Bobby, that's who.

Maine's King of Comedy, Bob Marley hit the Facebooks again today with a hilarious new video explaining why he stays home and watches the Bruins on TV from now on. It has to do with rally towels and dink snappin'...nomesayin'?

Hear the story of the last time Bob brought the family to a Bruins game and decided to the grab the wrist of a wicked big dude in front of him who was twirlin' that towel like "a helicoptah"! Let's just say it ended with a little mess. Good thing Bob had a towel of his own.


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