We got an advertising flyer in the mail at our house in Westbrook on Saturday. Usually, those go right in the recycling as soon as they get brought in from the mailbox. For some reason, this one stuck around long enough for me to thumb through it while I was enjoying the Father's Day sunshine in the backyard yesterday morning with my big mug of coffee.

In the flyer I came across an above-ground pool. It was about 16' long and 48" deep and the price was $349.99. That sounded to me like it would work great for our family. And after the heat we'd just gone through, I was getting all pumped up to go get one immediately.

So after brunch, I headed to the store. I got to the aisle were the pool supplies were and didn't see any pools.  I went over to customer service and they told me all the pools were sold out. DAMMIT!

Then why in the hell are they sending a flyer that indicates that they have pools? I went to 3 other stores from there and got the same answer. NO MORE POOLS. Ugh!

Leave it to me to wait until the first day of summer to try and  get a pool. One store manager even told me that they were sold out in May. I clearly haven't been paying attention.

Apparently I'm not the only one to wait until the last minute to get something essential installed if staying cool in the heat and humidity is an important luxury.

Our good friend, comedian Bob Marley tells the story of a similar experience he had during our stretch of hot weather leading into the summer solstice.

You see Bob needs an air conditioner and everywhere he went, there were none to be found. It's not a complete tragedy though.

His Nana has come to the rescue with an old AC from her cellar. One that Bob says looks like it came over "on the friggin' Mayflower."

"It's 192,000 BTUs and it definitely weighs at least 450 lbs."

We all feel ya, Bobby. Happy Summah, guy.

Watch the entire hilarious 3:30 min. video below.

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