Went over to hang with the naybuhs the othah night and enjoy a couple cold ones. We like to congrahgate in the g'rage. My buddy Ben's got a TV in theah. When I showed up they were watchin' some fellah doin' ski stunts and talkin' just like us. Anuhthah naybah by the name a Pete pointed out that the fella was an Olympian. We was right glued to that screen watchin' as he hit the slopes in Utah doin' a nayaration straight outta Vacationland. Alright enough of trying write like we talk. It's too hahd!

The character's name is "Donny Pelletier" and he is an absolute riot with his wicked Mainer accent and amazing slapstick ski stunts. We did some sniffing around and learned that "Donny Pelletier" is Bethel native, Troy Murphy. His Facebook page says he's a "Skier, National Champ, Mainer" Thank you for proudly bringing our one-of-kind Maine vernacular to the world with your amazing ski comedy!

"Point 'em down hill, guy. Give it to 'er hahd."

You know you want moah! Here's "Donny" hittin' a mayjah wahtah slide!

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