Even if you're not a skier, this guy right heah will make you giggle wicked hahd, bub!

The character's name is "Donny Pelletier". He is an absolute riot with his spot-on Maine accent and amazing slapstick ski stunts. We did some sniffing around and learned that "Donny Pelletier" is Bethel native, Troy Murphy.

His Facebook page says he's a "Skier, National Champ, Mainer". Thank you for proudly bringing our one-of-kind Maine vernacular to the world with your amazing ski comedy!

One of the comments on YouTube from Noah Burns really said best. "If Maine was a person"

He has other friggin' hilarious videos that he did in Utah. In this brand new one, "Donny" returns to his roots to celebrate the 30th anniversary of White Heat at Sunday River. Watch as he chugs Moxie on the lift and shows all the visiting skiers how it's done.

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