glue gun blister

The glue gun got me! But wow, are these holiday sweaters UGLY! Just the way we like them! A WBLM listener will win his and hers sweaters, hand crafted by me, to wear to our Ugly Holiday Sweater Party this Friday night at Ocean Gateway in Portland!

craft work station

This is my work station, otherwise known as my dining room table. Yes, those are delicious blackberries and raspberries in my Chardonnay. Festive! This sweater will weigh approximately 70 pounds when I'm done with it. Kidding! Well,kinda...

craft projects

It was too icy for shuttling kids to school yesterday, so while Sabelle played Minecraft, Anneliese and I got creative. Here are our completed projects. She enjoyed painting while I made little, glittered penguins. They were a fun project, learn how to make them here.

I would LOVE to see your holiday craft projects! Share them on our Fan Page or tweet #homemadeholiday

Careful out there!


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