We are really lovin' all the wicked killah Maine adventure videos our new friend Jeremy Grant of Belfast is producing lately! He's also a super excited host of each fascinating episode with. His videos take us to cool places and events around the state that we might not even know about.


In the process, he hopes to inspire us to "go discover something awesome" in this very special place that we call home. I'm a lifelong Mainer and I hadn't heard about the Kenduskeag Canoe Race up in the Bangor area until I saw this exciting coverage from Jeremy.


According to the race website,

"The Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race, held annually on the third weekend of April, is the largest paddling event in New England and one of the largest in the country.

Hosted by the Bangor Dept. of Parks & Recreation, the 16.5 mile race begins in the Town of Kenduskeag and ends near the confluence of the Penobscot River in downtown Bangor."

This video also incorporates drone shots for great flyover perspectives of the racers riding the wild rapids with the goal of reaching the finish line in the Queen City's downtown.

You ready? SEND IT, GUY!!

Jeremy Grant's got a real knack for consistently creating high-quality, entertaining stuff. Luckily since this fella isn't on TV yet, we can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.