Portland On Tap is the ultimate beer festival with over 120 different craft beers to try. Are you ready for it?


Portland on Tap is the right thing to do at the end of January, in the dead of winter. Why drink at home alone, when you can come out and drink with friends! It is happening January 26th and 27th at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland. Try 120+ craft beers on tap, enjoy live music from On Tap Band, eat food, and play classic drinking games.

After reading an article on adequateman.com, I took inspiration from their list on tips to enjoy a beer festival, and came up with a list of 10 easy tips to truly have a great time at Portland on Tap, (you know, not get dehydrated, disrespectful, and down right drunk).

Remember, NOBODY likes a McDrunkie Drunk Jerk! 


10. Don't bring a jacket even if it is freezing outside. You don't want to be lugging around your LL Bean Parka while trying to enjoy your cold one's. You will survive.

9. Bring your ID even if you already purchased tickets online. These events work on temporary basis and the company must make sure everyone in the event is at least 21.

8. Come in completely sober. Coming in already half buzzed will ruin the experience for you. You want to remember the beers you tried, right?

7. Start slow. Make a loop around the beer trail in the Cross Insurance Arena so you can get a feel for the vibe, and see which beers you must try along the way.

6. Put your phone away. Enjoy the scene, beer, music, games, and moments. But, feel free to get a selfie with your favorite radio DJ.

5. Feel free to dump the beers you don't care for. The alcohol will add up in your system, so if you don't like it; don't drink it.

4. Be patient waiting in lines. I know you want to get your hands on that one beer you have been dying to try, but other people are there too. Breathe, and remember this is all an experience. You never know what cool people you can strike up a conversation with in line.

3. Be sure to eat before you drink. It is a good idea to have something in your belly before the beer gets in there. Something lite, like a sandwich, hotdog, or chips n dip. Don't get too full, be just right. (FYI: there will be food at this event.)

2. Wear your favorite beer themed shirt! It is totally cool to be THAT GUY and, it could get you a few high fives.








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