With all of our well focused attention on handwashing and social distancing, we may have forgotten that it's Maine's Bicentennial this year.

That's right our great state turned 200 years old in the middle of last month just before St Patrick's Day, right when we started shutting things down.

On March 15, 1820, Maine became the 23rd state in the USA. To commemorate, we thought you'd relate really well to a new Maine history video from our good buddy Teagan Wright.

By now you've probably seen his From Away TV show that puts a spotlight on hardworking Mainers along with their 'finest-kind' products and services. Or maybe you've seen his hilarious "Sternman" character salty, silly check-ins from the fishin' boat.

Teagan is wicked smaht and wicked funny. So who better to help us brush on our local history as we celebrate 200 years being uniquely Maine.

Last month he created the first video in what is hoped to be a series called "Hard Tellin".

Here's a description straight from the fellah who thought it up.

"The Hard Tellin' series is gonna be just a whole bunch of short animated stories about Maine history, myths and legends. So shit like the Loopgaru, and the dog that helped win a battle for the Maine civil war division, the next one is gonna be about a Pessemaquady God and the invention of Allen's coffee brandy!!!"

The series debut is a 2 minute riot that explains how Vikings were the first outsiders to discovery the land we call Maine.

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