It seems like wherever we go lately people are saying, "Hey, seen any of those Bob Marley videos on Facebook yet?" Bob has been churning out comedy gold this Fall with musings about everything from massive amounts of dead squirrels, to power outages, to picking up personal hygiene items for his wife.

Uncle Bobby always starts each selfie-shot video with his deadpan wicked Mainah, "Yuh."  And from there, we get inside his mind for 60 seconds or so that always leaves us chucklin' hahd! For Thanksgiving week in Blimpville he posted not just one video, but three. Now that's something to be grateful for, right theah.

What time is dinner, really?

When called on to say the blessing, Nana's words may shock you!

And does this stuff nobody eats have to be on the table again? How 'bout more stuffing in its place?

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