We've loved these cartoons since their first episode, Meat Recall. That one went viral in 2013. That was our first introduction to early versions of the lead characters we've come to know as, Green Bud Kelly and his apprentice Adam. Since then, we've followed them on their Maine adventures as they get whatever work they can. The episodes feature everything from handyman jobs at summer homes (like the one above) for snobby people (probably from away) to hunting down zombie seals. The super talented Portland animators at O’Chang Comics have released over 10 Temp Tales cartoons so far and have well over 1 million views on YouTube. If you love South Park and Beavis & Butthead, chances are you'll laugh your friggin' Bean Boots off with these guys. They use true wicked Mainah language like jibbah, sh*tpokes, and burgly, gurgly, gurglers. So, be careful who you show this to, bub.

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