Well February is here with more love and light as we inch slowly closer to Spring. And something precious has come alone that will make the love and light shine even brighter today. About a week ago, a dear friend and former coworker of ours posted a very touching video on Facebook.

Her name is MJ Grant. Both of MJ's parents are deaf. MJ has made her life's work as sign language interpreter. A short time ago, MJ took her mother out for a ride to the beach. Her mom has dementia. This video really stirred up emotion in me. My mother had Alzheimer's disease, so I related to the confusing yet sweet signing conversation between them. The positive way MJ responds to her mom's questions is a lesson in patience.

MJ titled the video, "Dementia can be beautiful"  I'm certainly not the only one that was moved by it. Since it was posted it has received well over 1 million views. It's so great to see something like this get around out there. It reinforces your faith that most people are good people amongst all the ugliness on social media.

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