If you are wicked excited to get the famous chicken at the new second location for The Red Barn on State Street in Augusta, today is absolutely the day to chow down and do some good for a Maine family in need.

According to post last evening on the official Red Barn Facebook page,  "ALL of the proceeds will be donated to the Varney family from Turner."

Red Barn owner Laura Benedict does it again! She continues to inspire us all with her compassion for others. The way I understand it, she opened this second location to get her staff back to work after making the difficult decision to temporarily close the flagship location on Riverside Drive in November.

Now she blows our minds with her selflessness even further by announcing that today's sales will benefit a family that has experienced immeasurable loss earlier this month.

The above Facebook post says, "Call 480-1023 by 9am..." So we're not sure if they will be taking phone orders for curbside pick-up beyond that time. However, we did want to make sure that you were aware of the great love working it's way into hearts in Augusta today.

Today's fundraiser is a heartwarming welcome back before they officially open the second location on Monday. Laura always shines her light.

From recent posts on their Facebook page, the new second location will be opening March 1, 2021 on State Street in Augusta.

Laura Benedict pointed out the main reason for a second Red Barn by saying,

"This is an opportunity to bring back some our team members whose finances are drying up. Their getting enough money to live on is my primary concern."

Her unconditional love for her team and customers always motivates us.

Laura Benedict and her crew at The Red Barn in Augusta, Maine, are well-known for their great meals as well as generosity to their customers and the community.

They have a long, wonderful history of hosting countless charity events over the years bringing the tally of donations for neighbors in need to over $1 million and counting.

The popular restaurant received national attention when "The NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt" brought the story of her miraculous work to with a moving segment back in 2016.

I'm proud to say that I attended Cony High School with Laura in the 1980's. I remember her super-friendly smiling face in the halls.

lI wish her and her team nothing but the best and I am confident that her radiant positivity will prevail through anything that might befall us.
Now, don't forget. Red Barn Chicken and Fries opens officially on March 1. And let's keep our fingers crossed for Riverside Drive rockin' again this spring!

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