Remember last spring when we would go to the toilet paper aisle and it was absolutely, positively bare due to panic buying? I have no idea how most people got through the great TP shortage of 2020. We have a bidet at our house, so we are fine without it (TMI, I know).

Well as cold whether approaches and we anticipate another wave of supply hoarding, the good people at The Red Barn are coming to the rescue of neighbors who don't have the luxury of a bidet to tidy up the undercarriage.

I can tell you I'm honestly not surprised, 'coming to the rescue' is in owner Laura Benedict's DNA. Thanks to her genetic information bursting with kindness, the community is always better off with her big heart around to help out.

Laura and her crew have a long wonderful history of hosting countless charity events over the years bringing the tally of donations for neighbors in need to over $1 million and counting. Now, here she goes again.

In an announcement on Facebook this morning, Laura revealed that they have a whole bunch of toilet paper stockpiled at the restaurant on Riverside Drive in Augusta. They are giving away a roll with every family meal.

Sure, you might have plenty on hand in the bathroom closet at home right now. But just give it a few, and that extra roll could come in mighty handy.

We can now add giving away toilet paper to all the great stuff the Red Barn has done during this very challenging year. In the early days of the pandemic, The Red Barn selflessly promoted other restaurants to let the public know that that they were open.

If you rode down Riverside Dr. in Augusta and took a look at the sign for The Red Barn you may have yet again seen a great example of neighbors helping neighbors.

And just last month, Laura and her compassionate crew went above and beyond once again. This time for their customers-many of whom are elderly the Red Barn built a new special outdoor seating area as we head into the colder months.

This is all fantastic, Laura. Your positivity, generosity and unconditional love is just what we need.

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