Is it too early to start thinking about what kind of weather we'll have next winter in Maine? It isn't if you're our favorite Canadian weatherman, Frankie MacDonald!

In a report he released this week from Nova Scotia, Frankie predicts that the 2019/2020 season "will be One Nor'easter Right after Another and it will be a lot of Storms in Eastern United States with a lot of Snow and it will be a ton of Snow Including Maine..."  

Our eyes immediately went to the word 'TON'. We've only got 6 months before another snowmageddon. Time to be terrified. Everybody run!

Absolutely no one delivers weather quite like Frankie. He give the most excited  forecast you'll ever hear! Frankie MacDonald is an international star these days. His passionate weather videos have been featured on the news here in the US and in his homeland Canada. In this report, he makes predictions for all over the world.

We love you, Frankie! Keep up the great work, bub!

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