When you hear our favorite Canadian weatherman Frankie MacDonald out of Nova Scotia giving you the heads up on a storm, it's probably about to get worse out there.

The now world famous YouTube star hit the big time a few years back with his super- enthusiastic delivery covering Juno.

He has consistently covered every major weather event all across Canada and North America and we're honored that he includes his neighbors in Maine. Frankie also always includes fantastic food, beverage, and survival suggestions too.

Every time we hear there's another storm coming, we're not quite sure whether to blow it off as no big deal or get really scared.

One thing's for sure, we can always count on Frankie MacDonald to make certain that we are prepared either way.

It's a double-shot of inclement weather statewide to wrap the work week. Here's Frankie with everything we need to know as we get brace ourselves for Round 2 tomorrow.

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