31 years ago today, Cinderella came to Portland in support of their second album, Long Cold Winter. It was a sold out-show at the Civic Center with Winger opening on May 5, 1989.

WBLM played a bunch of tracks from this 80s classic album, including Gypsy Road, Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) and Coming Home. The tour had over 200 dates and lasted over a year. Cinderella also played the Moscow Music and Peace Festival in August of ’89.

And how can we forget Tom Keifer at his white piano? It was suspended from high above the stage and lowered down as he began tinkling the opening notes of Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

Here's everything they played.


Cinderella brought out their warm-up act, Winger to close the show together with covers of Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Sweet Home Alabama during the encore.

This video was from the Long Cold Winter tour when Tangier and Badlands were the openers. Cinderella invited the road crew out for the onstage party jam too.

Check out this wicked killah photo of the BLM crew backstage with Tom Keifer on that magic night in 1989. Wonder why Tommy C is so sleepy?

Tara Embleton Perron Photo
Tara Embleton Perron Photo- L to R: Former BLM DJ Joe Conrad, The Legendary Tommy C, Tommy’s daughter Michelle (in back), BLM contest winner Missy Stevens (in front), Cinderella front-man Tom Keifer, Me (the Guru in back) and BLM contest winner Tara Embelton (in front)

“Keep on pushin’ cause it feels alright!”

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