Today we look back to one of the last Maine shows of the 1970s with the original line-up of Aerosmith.  

It's also the anniversary of a 1982 Portland concert without guitarists Brad Whitford and Joe Perry. Both shows happened on November 19th at the Civic Center

The first 11/19 show happened in 1978, a month after the release of Live! Bootleg. On stage that night were: Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, and Joey Kramer.

Here's an underrated gem from that era that we proudly play on WBLM pretty regularly.

The second 11/19 performance was in 1982 and went on without lead guitarist, Joe Perry who left in May of 1979 in the middle of recording Night in the Ruts.

Another member of the classic line-up of Aerosmith was absent that night as well. Guitarist, Brad Whitford exited during the recording of Rock and a Hard Place. Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay filled in the enormous guitar holes left by Perry and Whitford.

Sadly, heavy drug use and bad vibes seemed to dominate this period. In fact you may recall when they came to Portland in December of ’79, Steven Tyler passed out onstage bringing the show to a halt.

Here's the what they played 37 years ago.

Although it’s underrated, Rock and a Hard Place remains a heavy favorite in Blimpville.

This is no doubt a kick-ass Aerosmith song. But, the video is pretty friggin' weird. The band members are dressed up as greaser troublemakers. They raise hell in the video by smashing cantaloupes with bats that then explode! Terrifying, eh.

Go to 3:26 on this video for a pretty striking example of how high Tyler and company probably were at the time.

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