38 years ago this week, Billy Squier sold out the Civic Center on the Emotions in Motion tour. The 80s rock superstar and New England legend (he's a Boston guy) wowed Blimpsters with his sheer vocal power and killer guitar licks live and loud.

His third album Emotions in Motion was already a platinum seller (1 million copies) when he arrived here. We knew all the new songs by then and were of course wicked pumped to hear all the Don't Say No stuff too.

This was also the second Portland appearance by opener Def Leppard who had just released their breakthrough album Pyromania in January. What a night out!


Here's what Billy played for a full house at the CCCC in 1983. By the way, the date listed here is incorrect. Our official concert history book from the Civic Center box office confirms the date happened on March 21 not February 21. You can also see above that the date is correct on the Def Leppard setlist.


This particular show was a significant one for Maine’s King of Comedy Bob Marley. Listen to the Blimp's long time buddy tell the funny story of his very first concert to help us remember this one. It was on that fateful night, March 21,1983.

"Stroke Me, Stroke Me!" "I don't think so , Billy Squier."



Here's the 'new' song we used to sing walking the hallways of Cony High School between classes as the sap started running in the spring of 1983.

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