26 years ago today, Def Leppard  asked Portland, “Do you wanna get rocked?”  The answer was a resounding “F*** yeah!”.

Blimpsters filled the Civic Center to capacity on March 31, 1993 for Def Lep’s 4th visit here on the Adrenalize tour. 

Even in the face of the rising popularity of grunge rock like Pearl Jam and Nirvana, our old friends Joe, Rick, Phil and Sav managed to sell-out Portland’s biggest venue.

This tour was also the debut appearance of their new guitarist, Vivian Campbell formerly of Dio and Whitesnake who replaced the late great Steve Clark.

Check out the acoustic medley Joe Elliot did covering AC/DC, Metallica and the Rolling Stones! This led into the full band playing acoustic based ballad Tonight from Adrenalize.


Check it out! We found an entire show with great audio and video quality  from the Adrenalize tour 3 months after the Portland show...and not a smart phone in sight!

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