37 years ago this week, Ozzy Osbourne started his Bark at The Moon tour right here at the Cumberland County Civic Center.

This was Portland's live introduction to Ozzy's new guitar player, Jake E. Lee. He joined in 1983 as the official replacement for Randy Rhoads. Brad Gillis of Night Ranger fame filled in until then on the Speak of the Devil Tour.

Watch Ozzy and company rip it up in concert with Bark At The Moon from 1984.

Here's Ozzy's wicked killah setlist from the Portland kick off of the Bark at The Moon tour.


Jake E. Lee stayed as Ozzy's guitarist through The Ultimate Sin album. They parted ways in 1987. Ozzy then found Zakk Wylde, who ended up being his most enduring guitar player.

Here's Ozzy, Jake and the band playing Mr Crowley live in 1984.

Opening the show that night was Mötley Crüe. Up until that time, they had emerged from Hollywood clubs and conquered the West Coast and Canada.

The Crüe really took off after melting faces at the US Festival in '83 and became video stars of a still fairly new thing called MTV.

Ozzy really gave them a major boost by taking them on tour with him in '84. This was Mötley Crüe's inaugural trek all across the US.

The notable moment that the Crüe's live touring legacy began in Portland, Maine is a pretty RAD piece of history for the metalheads of Blimpville, right? This was the first of 9 appearances in Maine over the years from Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil as Motley Crue.


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