32 years ago today, Poison rocked the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland on the Open Up and Say…Ahh! Tour. This was Bret, C.C., Bobby, and Rikki at the height of their glam-slam hair-metal powers.  

Open Up and Say…Ahh! was a platinum record by the time Poison returned to Blimpville on February 17, 1989.

With the strength of the singles Nothin’ but a Good Time, Fallen Angel, and the number one song Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Poison’s third trip to Portland was their first sold-out show here.

WBLM hosted a pretty big meet-n-greet for Blimpsters with the band after the show. There were like 10 winners and their guests with me as their chaperone. We don’t think any of us made it home before 1am that night. The guys in Poison were in a great mood and very friendly, especially with the ladies. Yes, curves were absolutely signed with Sharpies.

Helping to ensure a capacity crowd was opening band, Tesla. They had just released their second album, The Great Radio Controversy featuring this banger that was spinning on the Blimp for the first time early in 1989.

We all miss going to see live rock shows so much. Mainers are doing great work helping to stop the spread of Covid 19. Let's all stay the course by wearing a protective face mask in public and staying 6 feet apart from people we don't live with. Someday we will gather once again for our favorite bands. That will be one helluva party. We can count on that, for sure.

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