42 years ago today, Styx rocked a sold out show at the Civic Center in Portland. Their second Maine appearance was in ongoing support of the 1977 mega-album, The Grand Illusion and an upcoming new album. This stop in Blimpville happened on August 18, 1978.

Styx arrived in Portland just weeks ahead of the release of Pieces of Eight which came out in September. When it arrived in mail from Columbia House in the late summer of '78, this was one that 11-year-old-me decided to keep.


So cool for Blimpsters to hear recent favorites Come Sail Away, Fooling Yourself, the Grand Illusion and a new song called, Blue Collar Man live in concert.

It was an historic night in the Summer of ’78 for sure and Styx were at the height of their powers. The opening act that night was The Michael Stanley Band, best known for the songs Rosewood Bitters and My Town

Check out what they dazzled the capacity crowd in Portland with.


Watch the ‘live’ promo video of Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man). This period is  probably the best hair moment of their history too.

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