39 years ago this week, Joe Walsh rocked the CCCC with the first of 3 shows there over the years.

On June 28, 1981, Joe brought his There Goes the Neighborhood Tour to Portland.

It was Joe’s first album since the break-up of the Eagles and it included the fan favorite, “A Life of Illusion”. That was one of the first titles we played at the beginning of WBLM’s A to Z. If you missed it then, I'll try and sneak it in this afternoon.

Or you can join us for a dump run by watching the video for it right here.  It appears that this is footage of the shoot for the There Goes The Neighborhood album cover that features Joe Walsh in a tank.

Here's the setlist from 39 years ago at the CCCC.


We found a fantastic recording of Joe's Dallas show a couple weeks after he was here in Portland.

He returned to Maine in September of 1983 with Stevie Nicks and again in July of 1985 on The Confessor Tour. Both of those shows were at the Civic Center.

We also remember a Joe Walsh show at OOB's Seashore Performing Arts Center in the summer of 1991 in support of Ordinary Average Guy.

Joe's most recent appearance here was at the Maine State Pier in Portland on July 28, 2016.

Blimpville loves Joe Walsh! Check out this all killah, no fillah setlist from 4 years ago.


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