27 years ago today, the Wherever We May Roam tour made a stop in Portland, Maine. It was a sold-out Thursday night at the CCCC. We're pretty sure if you are able to go into the arena when it's empty and quiet today, you would hear the Enter Sandman riff echoing in the distance.

Now to be honest, I didn’t get into Metallica until 1991 when my friend Paul Sek brought a copy of the ‘Black’ album CD over to my apartment on Concord Street when my neighborhood was mysterious Woodford’s Corner in Portland. Even though the album had already debuted at number one in ten countries, I still hadn't given it a good listen.

Paul was determined to expand my musical palette to the heavy sh*t. You see, in 1991 I was busy going to Grateful Dead shows. Well Paul was also a Dead Head…a Dead Head who also liked to bang his head! Thanks for turning me on to Metallica, Paul. 1991 was also the year WBLM introduced Metallica to the playlist.

On February 27, 1992, the Blimp brought a bunch of winners not just to the Metallica show, but right into the heart of it. The stage was in the round and BLM winners were invited into the 'Snakepit' right in the center of the action. So freakin' crazy to have James, Kirk, and Jason struttin' around us and rockin' our brains out! And to be that close to drumming artillery of Lars...Insane!

Here's what Metallica played at their 3rd and last show in Maine.


Ummm....where the hell has this been hiding? There's a 25 year old Gu somewhere in that 'Snakepit'!

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