31 years ago today, Frank Zappa made his final concert appearance in Portland, Maine.  On March 15, 1988 Frank's US Tour stopped at the Civic Center. We were very fortunate along with the thousands of other Blimpsters to witness this very special night as sadly, 5 years later he was gone from prostate cancer.

Here's the setlist from that historic night for Portland.


This was Zappa’s third concert at the CCCC. It will forever be in our memory as the time we were privileged to hear the coolest cover of Stairway to Heaven ever!

Here it is performed in Binghamton, New York two nights after the Portland show on St. Patrick's Day. This is both satirical and reverent at the same time. And wait till you hear the horn arrangement just before "we wind on down the road", just brilliant! We miss you, Frank.

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