The other day I played 'Christmas In Maine', Bob Marley's delightfully silly holiday classic. When I came after the song, I mentioned how much I miss saying hello to Bob this time of year out at the Maine Mall. He was often seen at his Bob Marley Comedy kiosk.

You know the place where you could get those 'Dink' and 'Upta Camp' hats, t-shirts, stickers, and whatnot. I also miss seeing Bob's holiday shows at Merrill Auditorium. He always made us laugh until we cried, every time.

After all 'Christmas In Maine' is always made way better with Uncle Bobby bringin' the wicked funny live on stage. Well, we are very pumped to see that he will doing a holiday show this year.

Of course because we still can't crowd together and roar with laughter in a sold-out theater yet, Bob has put together a great way for us fans to experience his one-of-a-kind comedy.

He took to Facebook this week to declare that on December 31st at 8pm, we can watch his 'Crona Watch 2020' on our TVs at home with a special link for streaming.

We know you probably have questions. Bob explains it all hilariously in the video below.

Thanks for doing this, Uncle Bobby. You are gonna make a ton of Mainers extra happy as we say goodbye to this disaster of a year.

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