Maybe you were like me and had to catch a little here and there on the WBLM broadcast of the opening game because it was also Grandparents Day and Maine Apple Sunday.

That of course meant that instead of sitting in my living room poundin'  cold ones in front of the TV, I did the right thing and spent time with my granddaughter and the family at Randall's Orchard in Standish.

We picked a ton of Ginger Goldens and Macs and had a blast.

However, I missed the game. So it's great to get the take on it from a good friend.

If you are also looking for a recap of yesterday's first New England Patriots game of the season, why not make a hilarious one? Well, look no further.

Maine's King of Comedy, Bob Marley is on the porch in a wicked funny video reaction to watching the Pats against the Dolphins on Sunday afternoon.

He gives us his impression of life in New England "Sans Brady" and highlights the strength of new QB Cam Newton.

Uncle Bobby says he's "got an arm like a canon" and "he can run."

The Patriots are off to a great start after an impressive win and above all Bob's message to us is to get fired up!

Despite being hopelessly devoted to the G.O.A.T. for the past two decades, Marley says "We gotta move on."

"These are your New England Patriots."

Now, it's on to Seattle. And if you have to run any errands or end up in an apple orchard during the game, be sure catch it on the radio right here with 102.9 WBLM.

We'll be live Sunday night for the kick-off at 8:20 with Pats Preview starting at 5:30.

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