These days it's wicked hard to tell the real news from the fake news. Hey, that's perfect fodder for a WBLM Morning Show contest! We give you three news stories. Two are true and one is made up by the devious minds of the Captain and Celeste. We have confidence in you, as Mainers have a pretty serious BS detector. Here are your stories for today.


1) Facebook will pay people to disable their Facebook accounts a few weeks before the election this November. You could make up to $120 dollars for simply NOT having Facebook for a few weeks.

2) Researchers in Maine have found the reason that there were so many sharks in our waters this summer. And the reason is horny seals. Yup, seals had 3x the amount of sex this summer and thus lots of baby seals. That meant more food for Jaws.

3) In honor of Halloween, Nike is coming out with Freddy Kreuger  "Nightmare on Elm Street" sneakers. They are striped like Freddy's sweater.


Ok, listen to Captain, Celeste and our fabulous contestant Colin untangle all of this



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