You people seem to like the new feature on the WBLM Morning Show-FAKE NEWS. We give you three stories and you pick out which one of the three has been made up by Captain and Celeste. In this day and age, it's really hard to figure you what's real and what's fake and this fun little game proves it.

Ready to play? Which of these stories is FAKE NEWS?


Story 1- Is that a Wallaby In Your Pocket?... In Australia, they are using wallabies to detect COVID enzymes. The wallabies do it by sniffing people's crotches. The wallabies are accurate 92% of the time.


Story 2-Chocolate Rain. In Switzerland, the ventilation system at a chocolate factory went haywire this week and sprayed chocolate powder all over the town. Yummy!


Story 3-Drunk Dial. Studies show your smartphone can now detect you are drunk my monitoring your steps. The phone will be able to alert you to not drive (or text your ex!)

WHat's your choice? Listen to Captain and Celeste here for the answer:






Here's some more on the TRUE story from Switzerland.




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