It's tough to know what's real and what's fake in this crazy, surreal, COVID-covered existence we are all living right now. Left is Right and Up is Down and we are all just trying to get to Happy Hour each and every day. We here at the WBLM Morning Show are leaning right into that craziness. We came upon a couple of crazy stories this morning and thought we would do a rousing edition of  "Fake News". Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to figure out which of the following stories are real or fake. TWO are real. One is NOT.


  • Police Track Down a Taco Bell Burglar . . . And Find He's Already in Jail for Robbing a Different Taco Bell


  • Eddie Van Halen Leaves 5 Million Dollars to a Llama Farm


  • Brawl Breaks Out When a Guy RIps a Fart In An Uber Ride


Listen to the Captain and Celeste with our beloved listeners suss out all this Fake News. This was tougher than we thought!


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