You people seem to like it when we did WBLM "Fake News" last week, so we have brought it back for another run. The world is so crazy messed-up right now that it's hard to tell what is real and what is fake. We have three stories for you. Two of them are REAL. One is made up by Celeste and me.

WHICH ONE OF THESE STORIES IS FAKE? These are all Conronavirus-related stories.

1) Doctors tell us that during the pandemic more people than ever have been getting plastic surgery. The reasoning is that since people are home they are electing for the procedures because they can stay at home and recover instead of being out in public.

2) With all the curbside and drive-thru business happening because of the pandemic, a doctor in Louisiana has started a drive-thru colonoscopy business. Someone drives you to the place and you get the procedure in the back seat. Quite literally!

3) A taxidermist in England has come up with something for people that miss giving high-fives because of COVID. It's a spring-loaded stuffed rat's leg so people can give safe high-fives

The sad part of all of this is that two of these stories are actually true. Wow. Ok, to get the answers play along with our awesome contestant from today's WBLM Morning Show:




Classic Maine TV Commercial From the 80's




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