The weird thing about the news these days is that whatever you read and believe is WRONG. It's true! Whatever fact or story I read about, there is someone saying the exact opposite. Therefore, I'm just always WRONG. How strange. Well, around WBLM we lean right into the strange and thought if we can't beat 'em, that we would join them. So, our newest segment on the WBLM Morning Show is FAKE NEWS. We give you three news stories of the day. Two of them are true. One of them is FAKE NEWS that we have made up.

Ready to play? Here's are today's stories. Which one is FAKE NEWS?


  • Story 1:  A kid in New Zealand put a Lego up his nose two years ago when he was 5. Doctors searched for it back then but found nothing. Well, this week the kid, now 7, sneezed. And guess what? Yup, the LEGO popped right out.
  • Story 2: A family at Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore had a scare this week. A Great White Shark started swimming around their child playing the water. The family had brought their cat to the beach and the cat leaped onto the shark's back and clawed and scratched until the shark got annoyed and swam away. Attack Cat!
  • Story 3: A man invented a gun that shoots masks onto people's faces.

You can get the answer right here with the Captain, Celeste and our lovely contestant Susan from Boothbay. Listen!

Yup. We made up the Shark story. Hey, I even got Celeste! And yes, the gun that can shoot masks onto people is true. Check it out...









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