Let's never ever let this happen again. Let's never ever be the first team to get 600+ yards in an NFL game and still LOSE. In a Super Bowl no less.  I never ever want to go through the shame and disgrace of donning a Philadelphia Eagles hat and singing the Eagles Fight Song on the Blimp patio to a mocking audience on Portland's town square.  But that's exactly what happened when I made a bet with my 87-year-old mother. She's a huge Eagles fan and has actually lost a Super Bowl bet with me before. When the Pats beat the Eagles in their last Super Bowl appearance, my mother had to dye her hair red, white and blue. I got lucky this year, as she wanted the loser to get an actual tattoo of the winning team. Whew! I got off easy!


Well, it may be a blessing that you could not hear me actually singing. And yes, we are truly not allowed to put the Eagles Fight Song on our YouTube account because of copyright issues. TRUTH. Go Pats!!!!


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